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Any registered user and / or the visitor of the SEXRURA.COM website (who has unlimited access to the content, and is bound to use the service SEXRURA.COM subject to the law in Poland) consents with the terms and conditions and privacy rules, which are an integral part of these provisions, as well as states that acknowledges and accepts all future amendments and modifications to the Rules of the portal SEXRURA.COM. By accessing SEXRURA.COM website you are aware of the content of these Rules and agree to its terms. If you do not accept this provision you should leave and discontinue use of the site SEXRURA.COM 

Described here conditions apply to all users of SEXRURA.COM, which means that every "guest" or "user" is obliged to comply with the Rules of the portal SEXRURA.COM and expresses the awareness of these Rules and its future amendments or modifications . 


SEXRURA.COM website allows adding materials (videos, photos, erotic game) and its system allows all users, registered and unregistered, to access service SEXRURA.COM in its entire content including graphic sexual material intended only for adults. SEXRURA.COM presents also materials which are added to the site by users, which according to the rules remain the legal property of the portal SEXRURA.COM. Website SEXRURA.COM also placed links to other web sites that in no way are subordinate and are beyond the control of the portal SEXRURA.COM. SEXRURA.COM takes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, and other illegal practices of any and all third-party websites. SEXRURA.COM has no legal responsibility to censor and edit content of third party sites. SEXRURA.COM is a portal for the personal use of visitors and not a commercial product. Illegal and / or unauthorized use of the name Sexrura is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use by any user of the portal SEXRURA.COM data belonging to registered users such as email addresses, other contact information and other information provided by each user during the process of registering to the portal SEXRURA.COM 


By using the website SEXRURA.COM you confirm that you are of legal age or you are not younger than 18 years of age and / or you live in another country where the definition of legal age is different from those of the Polish law. If you are not of legal age and / or resident in another country, and according to its law you are not an adult you cannot use or access the web content of SEXRURA.COM 


You acknowledge and agree that you will be personally responsible for the added materials (videos, photos, games, comments, etc.) and that you are aware of your own responsibilities in the event that a third party shall make use of your account, and you are fully aware of the resulting consequences in case the materials published on the portal SEXRURA.COM are prohibited by law, by being unlawful, harassing other people, of socially harmful content, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, disclosure of personal data, containing racial or religious discrimination and harassment, etc. You also state that you do not have terrorist intentions and do not spread through your action harmful viruses or other harmful computer code, which may destroy the site, which invade site content SEXRURA.COM or harm other users of the portal. You also promise that all materials published by you are free from harmful spyware and monitoring of service SEXRURA.COM and users of this site. You acknowledge that you do not have intentions to expose SEXRURA.COM service to criminal liability. You also certify that you are the person authorized to publish material on the portal SEXRURA.COM and you will not make your account registration available to a third party. You acknowledge that the published material is your own, you have exclusive rights to it, and that the publication of these materials will not be claimed on the website SEXRURA.COM to gain any financial advantage. You agree and are allowing the portal SEXRURA.COM to make the final determination as to what is appropriate or not within the terms of this agreement. 


All content of the portal SEXRURA.COM (except for textual content placed by users) software, scripts, graphics, video, photos, sounds, interactive trademarks, logos and content of this Regulation in its entirety is owned by SEXRURA.COM and is therefore a subject to intellectual property rights (copyright) according to Polish law and international conventions. People who replicate the content broadcasted on the website SEXRURA.COM are aware of and accept a form of advertising transmitted without interference in that form and message. The entire contents of the website SEXRURA.COM is freely browseable for personal use. Using this content in a different way, ie copying, distribution, sale or other purposes, is prohibited and may not be done. SEXRURA.COM reserves the right to remove any materials of suspected misuse of proprietary property rights, and to send a notice to the relevant institutions in the event of failure to comply with these provisions, without warning to the person who is breaking the law. You do understand the principle of the prohibition of copying or distribution of the content published on SEXRURA.COM or use of this content through a third party for commercial purposes. If you download or copy the content of SEXRURA.COM for personal use, you must follow the author's property rights under this Regulation. You also promise that your actions will not cause interference with or constitute any danger to SEXRURA.COM portal and its users. 


SEXRURA.COM allows for the inclusion of video and other materials, and allows the person publishing it to show this material to other users. 

You are aware that as you incorporate materials on a server SEXRURA.COM you are not guaranteed the anonymity because the entire contents of the material are publicly available. SEXRURA.COM allows for placement on published materials, personal links, with the provision that they cannot provide personal commercial advertising. 

SEXRURA.COM allows you to put your personal non-commercial links to only those users who will place on their website link back to the website SEXRURA.COM. SEXRURA.COM also reserves the right to prohibit the placement of materials at any time, and reserves the right to remove unauthorized material or those which is a persistent spam, at any time. 

Therefore you acknowledge sole responsibility for the content of materials placed on the portal SEXRURA.COM 

In addition, as a user you represent and warrant that: 

1. you are a holder and owner of all licenses, permissions and consents to the use of these materials. As the owner of these materials you are allowing portal SEXRURA.COM to use patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights that are associated with these materials which you publish on the pages of the portal Sexrura. 

2. You will not publish and / or allow an outsider to place any materials that show a person under 18 years here, and you confirm that you have checked and have verified, and that you have the written confirmation of the information necessary to determine the legal age of all those involved in materials published by you. 

3. You acknowledge that you have the written consent and authorization of each person as an individual involved in the material published by you, and that you have the ownership of the materials that you put on the portal SEXRURA.COM in particular agree that you grant portal SEXRURA.COM broad and non-exclusive free of charge right , allowing for an unlimited presentation of the material placed by you which is associated with redistribution on other sites as well as to change formats and image transformations, and you give permission to other users on a non-exclusive license in the presentation of these materials on a "share" basis while using these provisions . These findings shall cease at the time of removal of the materials published on the server SEXRURA.COM 

By posting on the website SEXRURA.COM materials (videos or any other content) you agree that you will not: 

1. Use illegal material or trade secrets or copyrights by third parties content & intellectual property 

2. publish material of unknown origin, which could destroy or damage, and thus undermine the proper functioning of the portal SEXRURA.COM or third-party content 

3. present material which is obscene, illegal, prohibited by the Polish law and offending ethnic and religious values 

4. place your own ads, spam and persistent promotion of commercial business 

5. give false information on your person or impersonate another person - in the case of a breach of this rule you will not keep SEXRURA.COM responsible for such actions 

6. SEXRURA.COM reserves the right to remove any material without prior notice in the event of any breach of any point of these Rules as well as the right to terminate access to the portal SEXRURA.COM to each user if it finds that it violated property rights. Evaluation of the content of the material or persons involved in the presented materials remains with the portal SEXRURA.COM and reserves a right to remove or decline publication of any materials. SEXRURA.COM may also suspend or terminate your access to the user distributed materials of dubious origin at any time and without notice, in its sole discretion. 

7. You understand and acknowledge that by using the free access to the portal SEXRURA.COM you will have unlimited access to materials from various sources and are aware that SEXRURA.COM is not responsible for user content and in particular for the safety, usefulness and unexpected diversion to other sites. You acknowledge your understanding that you may be exposed to such materials that are inaccurate, indecent, and do not correspond to your fantasies and thus promise that you will therefore disclaims any legal sanctions, and you will take SEXRURA.COM to the courts and remain convinced that SEXRURA.COM portal is not responsible for such materials, all of which come from third party sources. 

8. SEXRURA.COM reserves the right to refuse to post or to block the materials available on the server of any user portal. SEXRURA.COM provides its service to all users, however, is not responsible for the monitoring service or user behavior which is inconsistent with the principles of these Rules and Terms 

9. SEXRURA.COM has the right to modify, view and block any material which is considered to be inconsistent with these rules. Each individual user is responsible for all materials (including offensive content, violation of any law, affecting other users) to be included on the portal SEXRURA.COM from his account. 


1. First The user account will be locked or deleted if the user violates the law and the rules of this Regulation in a serious manner or repeatedly. 

2. Second SEXRURA.COM reserves the final right to decide on the appropriateness of the materials presented by the user, and whether they fall under these Regulations and in its sole discretion shall verify. 


SEXRURA.COM recognizes no tolerance for any illegal content including children pornography and violence, pornography involving animals as well as any breach of racial and religious values. Portal SEXRURA.COM will treat every attempt of publication of. prohibited materials and content inconsistent with the law and these cases will be forwarded immediately to law enforcement authorities. 


You are aware that SEXRURA.COM reserves the right to payment of fees for services as well as changes in those fees in its sole discretion and cease your right to use the portal SEXRURA.COM if determines that you violated the terms and conditions of these Rules. In such case you will not be able to claim a refund of unused subscription fee. 


You acknowledge that all of the information that you provided during registration is accurate, reliable and true, with current data about you and that you have the necessary rights and authority to confirm that you familiarized yourself with these rules and act in accordance with its provisions. One of the conditions of service of the portal SEXRURA.COM, is that you agree with our privacy policy and its future modifications and changes, and you acknowledge that you agree to the processing of your data subject to the privacy policy in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data. 


You agree to use the pornographic SEXRURA.COM at your own risk and according to the consequences of Polish law. The owners and administrators of the website SEXRURA.COM do not provide any guarantee or accept any complaints which relate to material presented on the portal as well as SEXRURA.COM and do not guarantee the accuracy of any materials from third-party sources and accepts no responsibility for any damage in the following situations: 

1. First any errors, mistakes and inaccuracies in the content 

2. Second personal injury, scandal or damage of any nature whatsoever which are the result of your activities and use of the access to the portal SEXRURA.COM 

3. any unauthorized login or use secure servers, or unauthorized access to personal information in its entirety 

4. sudden termination or completion of viewing of the web content or writing as well as viruses, Trojans, etc. which may be transmitted to or from other third party sources 

5. For errors or omission of any loss of content or damage to anything that occurred as a result of use of the content which was emailed, posted, transmitted or otherwise available on the website SEXRURA.COM. In addition, SEXRURA.COM makes no warranty, does not endorse or accept any responsibility for any products and services that are advertised or offered by third parties on the website SEXRURA.COM as well as through links to other websites or banners displayed in the form of advertising or another. SEXRURA.COM has no ability to monitor or do not feel responsible for monitoring any cash transaction between you and the other providers of services or products for purchases made through any media, such purchases are made at your own risk. Limitation of Liability SEXRURA.COM website refers to the full range of these terms and conditions and applicable Polish law, and you acknowledge that the website SEXRURA.COM will not be held liable for any content and materials posted by any user as well as the illegal conduct of other websites. 


In any case, the party SEXRURA.COM and its owners and operators will not be responsible to you for any direct, indirect, incidental or intentional action resulting from the destruction of anything that is the result of the following situations: 

1. First errors, mistakes and inaccuracies in the text presented on the portal SEXRURA.COM 

2. Second personal injury and material content or any other property as a result of your use or the use of portal content SEXRURA.COM 

3. errors, mistakes and inaccuracies, damage or loss of personal information and data transferred during your own financial transactions 

4. interruption or complete termination of data from server to server 

5. any viruses, trojans and other spyware applications that can be transmitted through our site by third-party sources 

6. any errors, missed content or the loss or destruction of anything that has occurred as a result of your use of the content contained on the website SEXRURA.COM (email, blog posts, news, forum, news, chat, etc.), or otherwise made available on our website, regardless of the existing guarantees, contracts or other legal basis and whether company that publishes allows for such damages. This limitation of liability applies to the maximum possible in the established Polish law and you hereby acknowledge that SEXRURA.COM is not responsible for the content and materials posted by users and for any offensive, obscene, illegal materials and such who present a violation of religious rights or discriminatory racial behavior on the side of third parties and for the risk of damage or injury by exposure to the above reasons. Such is the user own responsibility. 


You agree that SEXRURA.COM cannot be held responsible and you will not demand from owners and managers of the portal SEXRURA.COM salary, compensation, pay for the damages and liabilities, expenses, losses, debts and other endless expenses including the costs of court - law, which arise as a result of your actions: 

1. First use and access to the portal of your account SEXRURA.COM 

2. Second failure to comply with the rules contained in this Agreement 

3. breaching the rights of third parties, including rights to publication, property or privacy rights 

You acknowledge that you are of legal age or have permission from guardians and parents to voluntarily accept this agreement and comply with its terms and obligations. 

Accept the principle of limited liability SEXRURA.COM portal for this contract as well as the user that you are aware of these terms and conditions will apply also when you cease to be a member or if your account is closed or liquidated. 


The terms and conditions contained in the regulations as well as the rights and licenses lent by this agreement may not be transferred or assigned by you to someone else, only SEXRURA.COM portal has the right and is able to move without restrictions and limitations. 

If any legal principles, conditions or any part of this agreement shall be deemed as invalid or impossible to implement in accordance with the Polish law it cannot affect the validity and application of the terms of this agreement, but nevertheless such rules will be adjusted or corrected. 


These terms and conditions remain in line and are based on the Polish law and cannot be interpreted outside of its context. Any and all disputes, claims, complaints should be directed to the judicial institutions in accordance with the locality to the site SEXRURA.COM 

As a user, you agree that you fully understand the contents and agree to the above clause.